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Venture Fund Services

High-touch and personalized services for demanding Fund Managers.

Specialized approach for Venture Capital Funds dealing with direct equity investments, private debt vehicles or fund of funds.

Venture Fund Administration & LP Accounting

​We are managing the key operations of your Fund so you can focus on you dealflow :

  • Management fees calculation and distribution

  • Cash Management​

  • NAV Calculation and Fund Reporting

  • LP Bookkeeping and Cash Reconciliations

  • Processing of expenses

  • Quarterly Unaudited Financial Statements​

  • Audit process support

Investors Servicing & Digital Portal

​We are providing the best in class experience for your investors and taking care of prime processes, such as :

  • ​Investors Registry Maintenance

  • Performance Reporting

  • Capital Account Statements

  • Capital Call Management​

  • Communication Management

  • Distribution and Waterfall Calculations

  • Digital Self-serve Portal for Investors and Limited Partners

GP & Managing Corp Accounting

​We will support your operating business with a digital accounting tech stack :

  • GP Bookkeeping and Accounting

  • ​Processing of expenses accounts and payments

  • ​Monthly Unaudited Financial Statements

  • Payroll Support

  • Cash Management

  • Annual Budgeting and Quarterly Forecasts

  • Sales Taxes and Government Remittances

  • Year-end Filing Support

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